My Life with Horses

horseheadI adore my horses. They are my therapists, my teachers, my family. A never ending source of amusement, and, often times a huge pain in the rear. Oh... and the reason I'm broke and poor and can't pay my Hydro bill.

Horse ownership (and all that goes with it) didn't come easy for me, though. There were some hard lessons to be learned. I divide my journey with horses into 3 distinct phases:

 hr brown

markLet's begin with the 3 horses that are no longer with me. First, there was B-Mark, aka 'The Devil Horse'. To be fair, he probably wasn't all bad. Had I known then what I know now... things would not have got out of hand, the way they did. Mind you, no matter how much I may learn and how good of a horse woman I may become... he would never be the right horse for me. But, I also have to be grateful for that horse; he changed the course of my life. I hope he is doing well.



sophieSophie. Beautiful, lovely, quirky Sophie. She was my daughter's horse, and then, for a while, our only horse. She could be as gentle as a warm summer breeze (or, as stubborn as an old mule), she babysat beginner riders (and me, when I had lost all confidence)... and, she would challenge her rider when he/she was ready. Part Arabian, she was strong willed, but always sensible. She died at age 35 in an accident at the barn where she was boarded for the winter. Her picture hangs in the barn; I look at her every day.


I am about to embark on a journey of learning with my soon to be new horse. I would like to share that journey with you.

I am planning on bringing home a cute-as-a-button Haflinger gelding, who has some serious weight issues (yeah, don't we all!) and, as a result has foundered.

Now, I have had to deal with keeping and/or putting weight ON horses in the past; I have no experience with slimming down a horse, nor the treatment and long term management of laminitis. So I've started gathering information, watching videos, reading all that I can get my hands on. 

My vision for this site (today, at least - don't quote me on this tomorrow) is to become a journal of sorts, to document his journey to wellness, to share what worked or didn't work. I'm planning on covering nutrition, exercise, hoof management, and whatever else may come up and prove useful. It is my hope, that others, who may find themselves in the same spot I am in now, will stumble across my findings and research and benefit from it. Stay tuned!