Yeah, yeah... it's grey and dull and foggy and wet right now. BUT!!! This is the beginning of the end, friends and neighbours Laughing

While I've been laying around miserable I have had visions of spring clean up - if that won't get me on my feet, I don't know what will. Although, now that I think of it, the clean up isn't exactly what I'm excited about. It's those first signs of green, those agonizing, head scratching moments when I desperately try to remember if I moved something to 'here' last fall, or if this is a weed. Gosh, I can't wait to find out. 

I have been given oodles of seeds last fall; if just a fraction of them make it, I'll be in heaven. And, since I've put this post in the sunflower section, yes, I will try my hand at sunflowers again, too. Just have to find a place where the oversized painted goat (Tika) can't get to it. Oh! And, I'll have to rethink my trellis by the barn fence, too. I opted for bamboo the last time. Poor choice. Tika ate it. Sigh.