So, summer has finally arrived... and life has got busy. I tend to forget (while whining about cold and wishing for summer) just how much there is to do and how short the window of opportunity really is (planting gardens, etc.). So now, I'm moaning about there not being enough hours in a day 😏

My little farm/petting zoo has been joined by 6 lovely laying hens; I really did miss my chickens over the last 8 years. The horses are well and I'm desperately trying to find more time for them. Herc and Miss Bubbles are plodding along nicely; everyone seems to have adjusted well.

All in all, I really adore my new life. The place, the company, and even the work that goes along with it. Little by little, the flower gardens emerge from the towering weeds, and at least some dinner ingredients come from the backyard. Yup. I'm loving it 😃